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Call in to the show (305) 407-2494 live at 10pm and Monday and Thursday.

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  1. Hey Dan and Jessica,
    I love your show! Seriously, it’s probably the best radio talkshow! I always listen to you because as I live in Europe, the timing is perfect! So, I have a request to talk about over the radio: Should BP be judged for the oild leak in the Gulf of Mexico?

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work,
    Anthony K.

  2. Whelp, plan to download several of your shows and test-air them on the weekend of 4/6-7/2013. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks!!!
    Tha Dood
    Real Free Radio, AM1620 / AUX FREQ on 49.890MHz FM.
    (30 years of doin’ the free radio thang!)

  3. AM1620 / 49.890MHz FM LISTENERS: Gotta’ new show to try out on ya’ll this weekend for Alternative Talk Radio Weekends And More! Check out The Radio Dan Show, then check out the link. What’s it about? Well, movies. Listening to Dan’s radio interview, via The Low Power Hour, it’s an entire talk show about movies. However, they do talk about TV shows as well, and kicked around the March Madness. So, TUNE IN, then e-mail our station back at , and let us know whether to run it, or rubbish it.

  4. Program request to talk about! Have you, or your wife, viewed JLH’s show The Client List? If so, can you do a talk feature about it on one of your shows? THANKS!!!!!
    Tha Dood
    Real Free Radio, AM1620 ? AUX Station 49.890MHz FM!

  5. Want me to explain Dr. Who in a nutshell? Whelp, in 1963, episode 1, an old-ass MF’in SOB brings his grandaughter to merry ‘ol England and has her ass go to a local high school. Two of her teachers think she’s really kookie. She kicks ass in math, science, and history, but has absolutely no street and social smarts what so ever. (Remember meetin’ chicks like that?) These two teachers are like WTF’s with dis’ bitch? So they follow her to what they think is a regular home, but turns out to be a junkyard with a blue British police box in it. They see this bitch goin’ in there and say WTF is this? They follow her in there and notice that it’s bigger inside than outside. (And these two were sobre.) They meet dis’ bitch’s grandfather who calls himself, The Doctor. (I don’t know how to spell that with a British accent. Hi-hi…) These teachers struggle with this Doctor dude and accidentally set off what they are in, The T.A.R.D.I.S. = Time And Relative Dimentions In Space. Meaning that, it not only time travels, but space travels as well. The Doctor tells them that he and his granddaughter are from the planet Galifrey and are called Timelords. The teachers say FU, this is BS, and walk out of the TARDIS only to find themselves in dinosaur times, do another WTF, and believe that this dude’s wasn’t really F’n with ’em. The Doctor does a WTF when he sees that the TARDIS is still a police box. The chamelian circuit failed and never works right in the whole series. So, these folks travel the universe pissing people off, then helping them later. We find out later that the TARDIS is a piece of crap, but the Timelords are pissed at The Doctor ’cause he jacked it. So, for the next 900 years he wonders aimielessly through time and space making more enemies than allies and is seen as a bit of an intergalactic douchebag. He calls the people who travel with him just his travelling companions. Most are willing to go with him, some too willing. They later either just say Good-bye, run away, or get wacked.
    I haven’t been watching the series that long, only started getting into it in 1981. That’s late. Now, supposedly Timelords do what’s called regeneration, but can do that about 12 times. Each time the physical appearance changes, an some mental as well, but retains all memories of their past generations. So, die-hard fan wanna’ know what’s goin’ to happen after the 12th regeneration. well, that’s anyone’s guess now that the series is back in full swing.
    Dr. Who did some milestones. 1st TV series to use fully synthesised music in the intro and outro, longest lasting sci-fi TV series. (Beating Star Trek by 3 years.) And one of the 1st time travel series to address that you have to travel in space when you travel in time. For instance, if you go back to last year in the same place you’d be in space since the Earth hasn’t moved to where you are yet. This series has a world-wide following, especially with scientists, college proffessors, and just general sci-fi freaks period. Does that help?

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