A Character’s Tell

The Martini Shot

InOnly Murders in the Building,there is an episode where Oliver Putnam – portrayed by Martin Short, is talking about how when people are bluffing in a simple card game they always have a tell that gives them up.

Just like people – characters do as well. However, I am not discussing card games here. What I mean by a character’s tell is this, we might get a glance at an action from a character that gives the audience what the character is like.

To put it simply, characteristic traits.

I like calling them tells, because it can be subtle and spotted early on in the film/TV show. Although subtle, it tells me so much about the character and we haven’t even reached the first turning point.

We always want as much information as possible on a character.What do they want? What are their goals? We want to…

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“I Want You to Hear This Kinky Business” with Eric Delgado


The Radio Dan Show is no more, BUT you can enjoy me talking about my favorite movie on THE JOCKEY CLUB. Check it out below.

The Jockey Club is a podcast looking at the 1989 comedy LET IT RIDE one scene at a time.

Dan welcomes his former radio co-host and gambling enthusiast Eric Delgado to discuss the second scene of LET IT RIDE, the other movies that came out that weekend, and how Eric fell into gambling.


Dan Delgado

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Eric Delgado

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Introducing The Jockey Club

I’ve been working on a new podcast about my favorite movie, the little seen comedy Let It Ride.

The podcast is called The Jockey Club. Each episode will feature me speaking with a different guest (a fan, a horse racing expert, a movie critic, or someone from the movie) going over Let It Ride, one scene at a time. I’m sure all 26 fans of this movie will be thrilled!

The first episode drops on May 7th. Here’s a trailer:

25. Lions and Tigers and Stitches, Oh My!

Check out this new episode of The Industry.

Hosted by Dan Delgado

Actress Tippi Hedren and her husband, producer Noel Marshall, while in Africa, see a house that’s been taken over by a pride of lions. This sparks the idea to make a movie. A movie about a pride of lions that taken over a house, but with a family still inside. And they decided to make this movie using their own family.
The movie, Roar, becomes a lengthy odyssey that costs them nearly everything including their lives. Using over 100 untrained animals (mainly lions) causes lots of on set problems. Tippi breaks a leg, her daughter (actress Melanie Griffith) needs facial reconstruction surgery, and many cast and crew members are bitten and injured along the way.
This episode of The Industry looks at the crazy but true history of Roar, with help from John Marshall, Robert Primes, and Drafthouse Films founder Tim League.


Wealder, David. Courtney Goodin Part One:…

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Bonus Episode: My Wife!

From The Industry…

Hosted by Dan Delgado

When I first met Aigul Kaparova, the woman whom I would eventually marry, she told me she was from Kazakhstan. And of course there was basically one thing I knew about Kazakhstan: Borat.

I remember asking her how she felt aboutBorat, because I remembered the reaction to that film in Kazakhstan. She told me the whole controversy didn’t really bother her much and that the country had seemingly accepted thatBoratwould always be associated with her home.And that was about it.

Until this week. That’s when Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat unexpectedly turned back up in everyone’s world withBorat Second Moviefilm,now streaming on Amazon Prime.To my surprise, Aigul told me two things: She had never seen Borat before, and she was really excited to see this new movie.

So with that in mind there was only one thing for me to do: Turn on my recorder…

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The Industry Episode 22: Christopher Reeve’s Two Picture Deal

Hosted by Dan Delgado

In 1978 Superman made Christopher Reeve a star. Two sequels later, Reeve was publicly saying he was done with the role. And he was. That’s when Cannon Films came calling. The upstart would be studio was looking to jump from the B pictures onto the A list. And the one thing they thought would get them there was Christopher Reeve.

Director Jerry Schatzberg, author Bruce Scivally, filmmaker Daniel Kremer, and Oliver’s Retrospectives host Oliver Harper all help tell this story. You can watch Harper’s documentary on Superman IV here.


Scivally, Bruce. Superman on Film, Television, and Radio. McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2008.

Richard, Julie. Reeve Not Happy With Last Film’s Promotion. Sun-Sentinel, June 19, 1987.

Andersen, Christopher P. Somewhere in Heaven: The Remarkable Love Story of Dana and Christopher Reeve. Thorndike Press, 2008.

Reeve, Christopher. Still Me. Ballantine Books, 1998.

Kremer, Daniel. Sidney J. Furie:…

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