Show Highlights

Don’t have time for a full show?  Looking to just sample a bit?  Can’t stand Dan for more than a few minutes? We know how you feel and we have just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Check out these clips from recent shows:

Dan Doesn’t Get To See Katy Perry

Dan’s Reaction To New Transformers Trilogy

Wizard of Oz Oscar Nonsense

How To Save Thanksgiving

The History of Never Say Never Again

Dinobots Rant

Elmore Leonard movie trailer mix

Alexa interrupts Dan

Eric installs Skype while Dan explains his commitment to broadcasting.

From the Dec. 13, 2013 show: Eric recalls the lame video game contest from the early 80s on Channel 11, WPIX.

Eric gives Dan a quiz about the mockbuster making studio The Asylum.

Dan forces Eric to do his famous KHAN yell and then regrets it.

Dan discusses his favorite part of the movie Choke, Eric gets nauseous.

Dan and Eric discover President Bill Clinton’s favorite comedy.  Be proud, America!

Dan and Eric decided to celebrate Alan Arkin’s birthday by doing terrible impressions of him.

Dan declares his disapproval of Boba Fett, Eric brings up something even more ridiculous as a counter.

Dan comes up with a new affirmation of positive thinking.  Sort of.

Dan and Eric get a mysterious call.

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