The Radio Dan Show: Guest Sean Baker

Dan welcomes filmmaker Sean Baker for a discussion about his new critically acclaimed movie The Florida Project, directing children, why he likes first time actors, and his signature font.

Find out more about The Florida Project here.

Plus Disney makes up with the LA Times and tries to buy 21st Century Fox and the Netflix show you should be watching.

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Become My Patron….Please!

Hey there loyal listener!

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been hosting a radio show for 11 years now and some occasional podcasts on the side as well. If you are enjoying my work, first of all thank you, and secondly let me now hit you up for some cash.

I am not looking to some insane amount of money for doing the things I’ve been doing for years, but something would be helpful. I could use a new microphone and some upgrades and paying a bill or two would probably be helpful.

So if you’d like to be my patron, and you can be for as little as one measly buck a month, then hit this link help me to an early retirement. Normally you get something in return for being a patron. Maybe some extra shows? Right now I have it that if I reach a threshold of $200 a month I’ll start a monthly podcast where I interview a different patron (that’s you!) each month. Though I am up for any suggestions you might have.

I promise not be all PBS and bring this up too much going forward.

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Hello New Orleans!

The Radio Dan Show has been picked up Dolphin Radio 98.9 FM at the beautifully named Delgado Community College in New Orleans. Look for the show Wednesday afternoons while driving through the big easy.

Visit Dolphin Radio here.

Welcome New Affiliate WLSL 92.7 FM


Good new for the good people of Dade City, FL!  Starting Thursday, October 18th, The Radio Dan Show will be heard on WLSL 92.7 FM. The station, apart of St. Leo University, can also be heard in nearby St. Leo, San Antonio (no, not that one), and Zephyrhills.

If you’re not in the area then you can feel free to visit them online here.

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