The Radio Dan Show: August 2nd, 2019

The Irishman trailer, TV Crossovers, Chris Pine is Walter Cronkite, Girl Interrupter, Hobbs and Shaw, The Nightingale, Love Antosha, Luce, Them That Follow.


The Radio Dan Show: Guest Dan Gabriel

Documentary filmmaker Dan Gabriel talks about his feature Mosul, which details the 2016 battle to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIS from a shockingly close vantage point. Dan also discusses his career as a CIA counter-terrorism officer, whether or not ISIS is defeated, and how he got people to run into battle armed only with a camera.

Check out more about Mosul here.

Then it’s back to business as usual with a look at the week’s releases: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Skin, The Mountain, Mike Wallace is Here, Astronaut, and The Great Hack.

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