The Radio Dan Show: Nov. 23rd, 2018

RIP William Goldman, FilmStuck’s survival, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Creed II, The Favourite, Roma, Robin Hood. Green Book.

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The Radio Dan Show: Joey Delgado

With the passing of the legendary Stan Lee, Dan talks to his brother Joey Delgado about Stan’s legacy which then turns into a conversation about Joey’s one time massive comic collection.

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8. Staring at the Sunn

Check out the latest from our show The Industry.

The Industry

Aliens, mountain men, and Jesus were the stars of the day for Sunn Classic Pictures. Throughout the 1970s, Sunn Classic proved to be a highly successful independent movie studio, cranking out pseudo-documentaries and G rated nature themed movies like it was going out of style. They used unique methods to get their ideas and to get their movies out to the public. The Industry takes a look at the history of the company that specialized in inventing history.

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Show Notes


The Washington Post: A G Rated Success Story

Here Comes The Sunn – Rob Nelson: 

Sunn Classic Pictures: how Hollywood introduced America to fake history.

Second Decade Off Topic: The Sunn Also Rises.

Mormons, Aliens, and Dan Haggerty: The (Mostly) True Story of Sunn Classic Pictures


Home Base Groove by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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7. Mr. Dugan Doesn’t Go To Washington

The Industry

Mister Dugan had the potential to be a hit show. It was a topical series about a recently elected idealistic black congressman who gets elected and has to contend with his less than helpful staff. Norman Lear was producing, Cleavon Little was the star. However, just days before it was to air on CBS in 1979 Lear himself pulled the show from the schedule. What went wrong? We take a look at the troubled production that started when Lear’s hit series Maude ended.

Show Notes


Books by Richard Irvin including Forgotten Laughs can be found here:

Black Caucus Strangles Mr. Dugan – Jet Magazine March 29th, 1979: 

The Recall of TV’s Mister Dugan – Washington Post, April 1st, 1979:

Drankin Song by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Slim And None by Audionautix is…

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