About Dan

The Radio Dan Show is a late night radio show that deals with movies, television, and pop culture.  I would highly suggest you listen to this masterpiece of modern radio live on the All Digital Radio Network.   Additionally, if live near Gap, PA you can listen life on FM radio on WLRI 93 FM.

Each week you will hear movies reviews, DVD picks, previews of upcoming releases, box office analysis, and general crankyness.

 Dan Delgado – Your host is a crank who claims to be some kind of a movie fan.  Born on Long Island and living most of his life in South Florida, Dan does claim to listen to all opinions but he doesn’t actually hear any of them.


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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for the mention on your show the other night, got a great kick out of it, especially my wife (Allie). I know you don’t do requests but I was wondering if you could do one little favour for me… when you introduce “Today in movie history”, you sometimes add on “with Dan”, Allie, for some reason loves this and is quite disappointed when you don’t say it. So, seeing that today is our 35th wedding anniversary, I thought that I might ask for this little favour, if you don’t mind, anything to keep me in the good books. All the best.

      1. Thank you so much Dan, very much appreciated, Allie loved the “with Dan”, got a major cackle from her and then the “shout out” was wonderful, she loved it. So, once again, thankyou very much.

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