Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Ranked

By Dan Delgado

Everyone loves a good list or the just love to complain about a bad one. I’m not really sure. Either way here is my ranking of all nine of Quentin Tarantino’s movies. Be warned, spoilers are involved.

From worst to first:

Death Proof

death proof

Death Proof is fun for maybe the first quarter of the movie. Then it becomes more annoying than anything else. Kurt Russell is having a grand time playing bad guy Stuntman Mike, a killer who has his fun killing ladies with car crashes, an interesting method. However when he starts chasing around (and then gets chased) by a group of ladies at the midway part of the movie it becomes a pretty dumb affair. And honestly, that someone would look down on someone else for not getting a freaking Vanishing Point reference is just vomit inducing.

Kill Bill Vol 2


For everything we’ve gone through to get to final showdown between The Bride and Bill, this is what we get? Not much. I love Tarantino’s dialogue in general but this is one time where I wanted more of the violent end we’d been moving toward.



Kill Bill Vol 1 


Kill Bill felt like a movie that about itself more than anything else. Look at the Shaw Brothers logo! Look at the Bruce Lee tracksuit Uma Thurman is wearing! Yeah, yeah I get it already. The fight scenes here are better than in Volume 2 and the use of animation is pretty cool which why I prefer it over Volume 1.



Django Unchained


Django, like Death Proof starts out great but has a lousy third act that basically derails the movie for me. One bad guy Leonardo DiCaprio makes his exit from the movie, it’s pretty much over. Django being sent to work with those Aussie miners makes no sense (a fate worse than death!) and the climax of the movie is basically no climax at all. You might personally find Samuel L Jackson’s character to be more evil or whatever than DiCaprio, but he’s still a fragile old man you could just push over. It’s all a shame because for two-thirds of the movie it seemed like we were getting something amazing.

Inglorious Basterds


I really enjoyed this re-imagining of World War II that you didn’t know was re-imagined until you saw it. Christolph Waltz gets all the recognition for this one as his memorably evil Nazi, however for me when I think of this one it’s Michael Fassbender in the amazing tavern scene that just about makes the movie on its own.



The Hateful Eight


Shot in 70mm (that’s Ultra Panavision 70 to you, pally!) and set mainly in one room (and a stagecoach), the eight plays out like an interesting whodunnit. The dialogue is great and the cast is game and for the most part well used. For me the standout is Walton Goggins, who can spit out dialogue like nobody’s business (although anyone who watched Justified already knows this).


Pulp Fiction


Tarantino’s second movie is a genuine classic. It’s the hardest one of his movies for me to say anything about because pretty much everything has already been said about it. Great casting, dialogue, and a twisty plot with surprises you just don’t see coming.



Reservoir Dogs


When Reservoir Dogs first came out I was pretty nuts about it. I saw it three times and it was probably my favorite movie for a while. I still love just about everything about it. The pop culture references, the zippy dialogue, the opening diner scene and Tim Roth all just blew me away. All those things seemed so fresh back in 1992. Still kinda does.


Jackie Brown


Yes indeed, here is the unpopular opinion: Jackie Brown is my number one Tarantino movie, so far. Pam Grier has the best role of her career as a flight attendant who gets stuck between crooks (Samuel L Jackson, Robert De Niro) and cops (Michael Keaton, Michael Bowen) in this Elmore Leonard adaptation. Most people site this movie as a disappointment or his worst movie but I’m not one of them. Sure he under uses De Niro and Keaton but hell if I knew that Robert Forster was so cool. To me, this movie is about Grier and Forester, a couple of very regular middle-aged people caught up in something not s o regular the two play it out perfectly. It’s not one I rewatch over and over again but it is the one that tops my list. Makes me wish that Tarantino had gone to do more Leonard adaptations inside of abandoning that idea after this one was released. There is word he might do Leonard’s 40 Lashes Less One. Crossing my fingers that’s true.


One last thing. As far as Tarantino’s segment from the movie Four Rooms goes, I would rank that above Death Proof and both Kill Bills. Seriously.

What are your thoughts? How wrong did I get it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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