Celeb Apprentice Recap: Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump

Download: http://goo.gl/hXQYST
Dan and Joey break down episodes 2 and 3 of Celebrity Apprentice and have to rethink some early predictions.

3rd task: Present meals prepared by Luvo

  • Fired: Gilbert Gottfried (Offended Luvo execs with impromptu comedy performance)
  • Critical Boardroom Moment: Gilbert Gottfried telling Trump he’d be OK with being fired
  • Project Managers: Vivica A. Fox/Terrell Owens
  • Winning team: Women (Infinity)
  • Boardroom: Terrell Owens, Gilbert Gottfried, Geraldo Rivera
  • Memorable: Jamie Anderson playing part of athlete but not looking fit, also being offended by Kenya Moore’s comments about her outfit and not accepting her apology, Shawn Johnson’s “Moon Cycle”
  • Best Performer(s): Vivica A. Fox,
  • Worst Performer(s): Shawn Johnson, Gilbert Gottfried


2nd task: Create Commercial for Neat Scanning Cloud System

  • Fired: Kevin Jonas (for offending Trump with strategy of bringing in high-performing Ian Ziering to gang help gang up on Geraldo instead of bringing in weaker-performing players)
  • Critical Boardroom Moment: Kevin Jonas revealing his strategy of bringing in Ian Ziering over Lorenzo Lamas
  • Project Managers: Kate Gosselin/Kevin Jonas
  • Winning team: Women (Infinity)
  • Boardroom: Kevin Jonas, Geraldo Rivera, Ian Ziering
  • Memorable: Geraldo’s quotes (“You can’t whittle down Mt. Rushmore,” “Neat, Sweet!”, “Don’t Hollywood me”), Trump getting a rise out of Ian Ziering by saying he played into Kevin Jonas’ hands (“I had no choice!”)
  • Best Performer(s): Leeza Gibbons
  • Worst Performer(s): Kate Gosselin

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