All Dan Wants For Christmas…

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what to get your pal, Dan Delgado, talk show host extraordinaire for Christmas.

It’s a pretty tough thing, knowing what to get someone you love and admire for the holiest day of the year. That’s why I’m here to make it easy on you. So easy in fact you might even pass this on to someone else as well. Good ideas, like tuberculosis, are contagious!

Stitcher Logo NewBy know you know I am the host of very successful Radio Dan Show, a staple of internet radio and probably part of your daily routine. Well you see, there’s this app for your smartphone called Stitcher. And Stitcher, for those of you who may not know, is an app made for podcasts and talk radio. All your favorites are on there. Which includes my little dog and pony show.

So here is where the giving spirit of the holidays comes in. If you have a free moment head on over the Stitcher link below that pertains to my show, scroll to the bottom and write a review for it.

That’s it! Simple right? And when I say review, I don’t mean some thousand word essay, just a line or two expressing how you feel about the show. Feel free to lie about it! Yeah, sure, it’s just a little white lie so why the hell not. Say it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard. Say it makes your day. Say you love it so much you named your two kids after me: Dan and Radio.

You get the idea. And in return for doing such a thing you in return get my undying gratitude. Not bad, eh? So get in the giving spirit this year for your pal Dan. And remember to lie. A lot.

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2 thoughts on “All Dan Wants For Christmas…

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  1. Merry Christmas Dan, maybe you need some candy canes to sweeten you up a bit. No lies from me. Have a lovely holiday. Thanks a lot!

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