Switching Channels – Shark Tank Edition (10/3/14)

Download: http://goo.gl/zzA1qc

SC SharkAt last, a new Shark Tank Edition is finally here. Darryl and Dan go over what went down on the Oct 3rd episode. Pitches this week were for SoapSox (a stuffed animal sponge for the bath), HeartPup (a way to carry your dog around), Ninja Cards (a dart like game with a ninja theme), and DrumPants (sensors your wear and slap to make a drum sound).



2 thoughts on “Switching Channels – Shark Tank Edition (10/3/14)

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  1. Technically I thought the first episode of Shark Tank this season was a 2-hour episode. So that would make this episode the second episode of the season.

    That’s what it said when I watched Shark Tank on demand from AT&T.


  2. Have you guys seen the show The Profit with Marcus Lemonis? Great show. One episode, Marcus tries to help a game company called Skullduggery. One of (maybe the only) original game they created was this super lame card-throwing game. That’s exactly what the card ninja thing reminded me of in this episode of Shark Tank! But the card ninja thing was actually pretty cool.

    Here’s the episode of the Profit I’m talking about (a preview video):


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