Switching Channels: Shark Tank Edition (April 25th, 2014)

Download: http://goo.gl/LnUs5P

image Dan and Darryl go over the April 25th episode of Shark Tank. Pitches include Rugged Maniac, Crio, Cerebral Success, Mo’s Bows Handmade Bow Ties.


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  1. Hey Guys.

    My name is Trevor Hiltbrand. I am the founder of Cerebral Success – as seen on Shark Tank. Just wanted to leave a quick reply in reaction to your podcast. I have never heard your show before, but I thought it was very funny and well put together.

    Anyways, you are absolutely right that my pitch was terrible and in my opinion, I came across as a complete goob. Believe it or not, the edits were actually in my favor. From the second I walked out I didn’t even have a chance. The Sharks had made up their minds about the product and were on the attack. It was one of the most terrible and frightening experiences of my life. I wouldn’t say I was unprepared. They just literally wouldn’t let me speak. Sure I stumbled in speaking, but that wasn’t due to memory loss. I was just very nervous.

    What doesn’t come out on the show is my reason for creating the product. Sure, I thought it was a great idea that could make good money, but having recently graduated from a 4 year university, I knew first hand the amount of prescription medication abuse that was going on. It is estimated that 1 in 4 college students use prescription medication for enhanced academic performance… without a prescription! There have been cases of death and psychological breakdowns as a result of abusing these types of medication… even with people I knew personally.

    For every student that takes prescription medication, there are probably 3 that take some kind of energy boosting product (this is a guess/observation – not a real stat).

    Cerebral Success is designed to provide an alternative to drugs for those who are taking them illegally, as well as an alternative to hard energy products. I honestly set out to help, not to deceive or make a quick buck.

    Barbara’s deal has gone through and the business has grown substantially (before and after airing on Shark Tank). We have rebranded, reformulated, and refocused the business. 1 bottle is a pretty large supply, so we are working on putting a small, sample sized pack together. We are not longer pursuing the liquid shots.

    As far as safety, there are a ton of clinical studies and research done on all of our carefully chosen ingredients. Additionally, liability insurance is very cheap – because risk is very low.

    Hope that wasn’t to long and helps to clarify things. Thanks for the shout out!

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