Hey Movie Theaters, Stop Making Me ‘Select a Seat’!

By Dan Delgado

One of the recent innovations I’ve noticed at my local movie theaters is that when you buy a ticket, you then have to select your seat from a seating chart.  You know, like that time when you bought tickets to that Air Supply concert.  Except then you could take your time, knowing that Air Supply wouldn’t be in town for a couple of months because it was kind of a big deal.

Select a Seat
Seating chart for a MUVICO theater.

However, for movie goers like myself, we are now buying tickets and then having the ticket seller show us a confusing looking seating chart and made to choose.  Go ahead, pick out where you want to sit!  And make it snappy because there’s 25 people behind you waiting to do the same thing.  I have, in my haste, chosen poorly, and been one row off where I want to be.

I get it.  The idea is nice.  You don’t have to fight for a seat once you get inside.  You don’t have to look for two or three or six seats in a row.  You’ll just have them.  You’ll just know.

Well, that would work if there were ushers actually taking people to seats.  Letting them know which row was H and which was L.  Because sometimes it’s not that clear. Sometimes you have some guy who wasn’t paying attention and is now in your assigned seat.  And who’s policing that bit of business?  Some dope didn’t read his ticket right or not at all and now is the seat you picked out.  Who’s moving him out of there?  You are, pally.

Granted, most people are rational and will move without a word.  However, that’s still one more interaction you have to do.  And I’m trying to interact with humans as little as possible.

I’m not sure which is worse: telling some idiot he’s in your seat OR being that idiot in the wrong seat.  I have been both and didn’t care for being either.

I implore you Cinemark, Muvico, AMC and whoever else is doing this nonsense to either stop it or improve it.  Get some ushers to do some actual ushering or call the whole thing off.  Because as of right now it’s going on the list with talkers, texters, and tweeters as annoying things at the movie theater.


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