Quick Reaction: The Wolverine

By Dan Delgado

Here’s a nice surprise: The Wolverine is pretty good!  After X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) stunk the joint out I must admit to having some slight reservations about this latest offering of the popular Marvel character played by Hugh Jackman.

Here Logan/Wolverine is sent to Japan to see dying man he once saved in World War II.  However things are not as they appear (are they ever?) as our hero is reluctantly pulled into a plot that involves a number of things like bad guys trying to extract his healing power and takeover of the dying man’s company.

We have number of decent plot twists but really what works for me is that the movie is a bit of a journey film (i.e. lots of Japan travelling) and has a train sequence.  Pretty much anything that has these things is going to be liked from me to a certain degree.

The violence is pretty brutal this time out, and really should be since we’re talking about a guy who sports giant metal claws.  However, giant metal claws considered, I was surprised at the level of violence here.  It’s not a complaint mind you.  It does fit the movie and the character.  It’s not great but The Wolverine is certainly entertaining summer entertainment that doesn’t ask to check your brain at the door.  Which is a nice change.

EDIT: Review an discussion will be on the July 29th show.


4 thoughts on “Quick Reaction: The Wolverine

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  1. *Morning Dan, The Wolderine was violent but it wasn’t bloody, recalling some of the earlier scenes in the film where he sprouts the claws and does some chop suey we dont see blood, coming out of the bad guys. The A-Bomb sequence, the train sequence and the final fight with Silver Samarai were my favs.

    1. Agreed Radames, it was not really a bloody movie. Most of the blood seen in on Wolverine himself. You get a guy whose main fighting move is to stab people and it’s going to seem violent no matter what really. Train sequence was my favorite.

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