Movies I’m Looking Forward to in the Second Half of 2013

By Dan Delgado

It’s late on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and since I’m up late (somehow you all forgot to invite me to your parties, thanks!) I will attempt to finish what I started at the beginning of the year.   Here we go with the movies that I am looking forward to in 2013, from July to Dec.


The Lone Ranger – On the show I complained about how director Gore Verbinski and actor Johnny Depp were complaining about Disney scaling back their ridiculous over $200 million budget on a western.  How much could a western possibly cost?  That said, the teaser trailer for this makes it look like oodles of fun and I’ve tried to avoid the longer, spoilery trailers since then.

The Way, Way Back – A coming of age story set in a water park in which Steve Carrell is a jerk and Sam Rockwell is cool.  Generally anything with Rockwell is worth a look and this has gotten good buzz since it screened at the Sundance film festival.

Only God Forgives – This is director Nicholas Winding Refn’s follow-up to 2011’s Drive, which I absolutely loved.  That reason alone makes it a must see.  However it screened a week ago at the Cannes Film Festival and was ripped apart and also booed by the audience there who likes to boo movies. It’s a great place to do it since the filmmakers are there to hear their displeasure.  Booing at your local theater, however, would be less successful.

The Smurfs 2 – Just kidding.


The World’s End  I think this one all us movie geeks are looking forward to.  Just the Simon Pegg-Nick Frost-Edgar Wight re-teaming (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is enough really.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  In case you don’t know it’s involves a pub crawl to a mythical bar called The World’s End that happens to coincide with the actual world’s end.  Fun!


Escape Plan – Remember back in the 80s when you dreamed of that Sylvester Stallone – Arnold Schwarzenegger team up that would never come?  Well, now we can’t keep these two apart.  Here the grumpy old action stars have to break out of a prison that Stallone’s character designed.  Why would they lock him up there?  Logic, shmogic!

Rush – Hey is Ron Howard getting back to business of being a great director?  It’s been five years since the excellent Frost/Nixon and I’m still getting the taste of The Dilemma out of my mouth.  However things are looking good with this period racing drama starring Chris Hemsworth.  Set in the world 1970s Formula 1 racing, this looks fantastic but I would suggest you avoid the trailer for this as it plays out like the Reader’s Digest version of the movie.


Gravity – Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating in space.  Really, that’s what this movie is.  And it looks excellent.  The two of them are astronauts working on something important when an accident sets them adrift.  People have been waiting for director Alfonso Cuaron to do something since Children of Men in 2006.

Don Jon – This goes into the category of ‘I will see just about anything with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.’  Here the guy not only stars but also directs this drama about a New Jersey stereotype trying to find true love and happiness.  Will he find a predictable ending with Scarlett Johansson’s New Jersey stereotype?  I know I would!  Looks good.


Last Vegas – It’s The Hangover with old people!  Get used to reading that because when this is released that’s all anyone will say.  I don’t know if this will be any good or not but you toss Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline together and you have my attention.  I always expect Kline to steal any show he’s in.

Thor: The Dark World – It’s Marvel and I’m a huge nerd.  That should be enough right?  I wasn’t really wowed by the teaser trailer for this but I’m still in.  I did get a kick out of the 2011’s Thor even though he’s my least favorite Marvel hero.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese alert!  Now we’re getting real 2013!  Leonardo DiCaprio (who else?) stars as a guy who gets into some shady Wall Street dealings and bad things happen.  The supporting cast is stellar with Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Jon Favreau, Kyle Chandler and Jean Dujardin (The Artist!).

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  Yeah, that’s right, I like The Hunger Games.  No, I don’t care what you say about it.

Nebraska – I knew that Alexander Payne’s (Sideways, Election) next movie was called Nebraska. I didn’t know until recently that it starred Bruce Dern.  And he was named Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival.  Count me in!


American Hustle – Like Nebraska, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I do like this title.  David O. Russell scored on my favorite’s of last year with Silver Linings Playbook and here he’s a nice cast running around in terrible 70s clothes including Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Monuments Men  In a race against time, a crew of art historians and museum curators unite to recover renown works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys them. Oooh, this sounds cool!  Another big cast with George Clooney (who’s also directing), Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin (The Artist! Again!).

Inside Llewyn Davis  I can’t say the subject matter of this movie from the Coen Brothers gets me all that excited, a singer/songwriter going through the folk music scene in the 1960s.  However the word on this is that it’s fantastic, the trailer looks great and by the way did I mention it’s the Coen Bros.?  Okay then enough said.

Hey look, I actually finished this thing.  Do me a favor and don’t go questioning something I might have left out.  ‘But Dan, where’s Pacific Rim?’  Yeah, yeah, I didn’t forget it.  I’m just not looking for to it, or whatever else you’re thinking of as much as everything else here.  Or maybe I haven’t seen enough to get me excited.




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