May 7th, 2013 Show

Dan and Eric discuss: The Doodlebops, Mickey Mouse Playhouse, deodorant with Sir Darryl, South Park, Ray Harryhousen, Charles Ramsey’s Awesome Interview, Shane Black does Doc Savage.



2 thoughts on “May 7th, 2013 Show

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  1. The strangest and funniest podcast that I’ve heard so far. Eric really needs to lighten up on Mickey Mouse Playhouse, lol. Don’t be hatin on Daisy because she likes to follow a dopey man, some women (ducks) find that an attractive quality. And your caller was RIGHT about aluminum in deodorant. My ex-boyfriend insisted that I not wear deodorant with aluminum in it, it is known to cause breast cancer. I’ve been using Tom’s ever since. Down with aluminum!

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