Quick Reaction: Warm Bodies

By Dan Delgado

We all know that the virus that turns people into zombies is pretty strong.  However, is it stronger than the power of love?  That is the question being posed in the new zombie/horror/romance/comedy Warm Bodies.

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as R, a zombie with an inner monologue that narrates the film.  R explains how mundane and boring it is to be a zombie, how sorry he is that he craves human brains and just how hard it is to communicate when all you can do is grunt maybe a word now and then.  R also has some interesting hobbies, like collecting records.

One day while out with a group of zombies looking for brains to eat in the city he comes across Julie (Teresa Palmer), a young girl part of whatever resistance is left in society, and just like that R gets sprung!  It’s love at first sight for R and things start to change in him.  R kidnaps Julie in some oddball attempt to woo her, Beauty and the Beast style.

We only get a few details here and there about what happened since this movie is pretty much from R’s point of view.  Love blooms and zombies start to change but there some complications along the way.  There’s an even worse group of zombies that are just skeletons running around and Julie’s dad is the leader of the resistance, not to mention R ate Julie’s boyfriend.  Talk about a relationship killer.

Warm Bodies is a fun time with some clever ideas.  Sure, you may look at its trailer with pretty young actors in it and think “Oh it’s a zombie Twilight ” and on a basic level you could make the comparison, but you’d still be wrong.  The comedy works, the horror is light, and the romance feels legit. Not an easy combo but this genre-bending movie gets it done.






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