Quick Reaction: Parker

By Dan Delgado

I must admit to having low expectations when walking in to see Parker, the new actioner starring Jason Statham.  At one point I did have higher hopes, having read several of the books the character is based on, but a low rottentomatoes.com score and the spoilery trailer itself changed that.

Statham plays Parker, a no-nonsense thief who seems to have a heart of gold.  The movie starts off fine, with a heist at a state fair and ends well with a heist in Palm Beach, FL.  However all that stuff in between is a bit middling.  Cliche’s pile on as Statham looks to get even with a crew he worked with who double cross him. A lot of it a by the numbers movie with a few surprises thrown in.  Surprises like it’s excessively bloody and violent (which is okay with me).

Statham is very choice for the stoic Parker and Jennifer Lopez is fine as Palm Beach real estate agent who gets roped into his revenge plot, though her desire to run away with him is a mistake in the script.  She should be more terrified of this guy.  Done right and Parker would kick off a new series of films.  Done a little better than average, like this is, will probably not.  Go with low expectations and you’ll be fine.


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