Check out Caro Emerald’s Saul Bass inspired video for That Man

By Dan Delgado

While looking around for some music to listen at work I was fortunate to stumble upon the wonderful jazz singer Caro Emerald.   I’ve been listening to her debut album, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Floor, over and over.   You can tell by that album title that there is something cinematic to Emerald’s style and watching her videos eliminates any doubt.  Vintage style is rampant not only in her songs but the visual style for all her videos.

One video in particular, That Man, is a delight for any lover of artist/designer Saul Bass.  The video features Bass style animation throughout and, if you are a fan, you will notice a number of direct references to the posters and title sequences he designed.  I spotted references to Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Man with the Golden Arm, One, Two, Three, Ocean’s Eleven and West Side Story just to name a few.  I’m sure there are more in there.   Check out the video below for yourself and even though this is not a music blog, check out Caro Emerald as well.   She’s a peach!


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