Oscars Tonight – Predictions Now

Just for kicks here are my quick predictions on who is winning what on the Oscars tonight.

Best Picture – The Artist

Best Actor – George Clooney

Best Actress – Viola Davis (The Help).  Though Glenn Close is nominated for the sixth time and has yet to win.   Don’t be shocked if the Academy says “Hey Glenn here ya go!  Nice job playing a dude.”

Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Plummer (Beginners).  The ‘Supporting’ awards are given out at the top of the show and this one is as close to a sure thing as there is, so says Dan Delgado.

Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer (The Help).  All right, this is ALSO as close to a sure thing as there is.

Best Director – Michael Hazanavicius (The Artist).  Tonight I will finally learn how to pronounce his name.  Also Scorsese (Hugo) could surprise here.

Original Screenplay – Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris).

Adapted Screenplay – Alexander Payne, Jim Rash, Nat Faxon (The Decendents).

Best Animated Feature – Rango.   In your face Disney!

No, I don’t have any ideas on Best Editing so stop pestering me.  This is all you’re gonna get and stop pretending you care otherwise.  Oh wait, let’s through in the lottery pick of Best Foreign film.   I’ll A Separation since that’s the one I heard the most about.


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