Get Stitcher, Win Money & Support Me!

For those of you who don’t know, Stitcher Radio is the best net radio app out there.  Available for iphone, ipad, android, and blackberry, you really have no excuse for not having this yet.  

With Stitcher you can get episodes of my show as soon as they post, plus listen to the live stream of TalkRadioX, AllDigitalRadio, and a number of others.

Now, don’t go rushing off to download it yet.  Hang on.  Here’s the deal.  You go to this link first,, and then download it and not only are you getting the awesomeness known as Stitcher, but you’re helping me out as well.   With each person who signs up that way, Stitcher will in turn give your pal Dan a (very) small chunk of change.   You need to use the promo code RADIODAN, so keep that in mind.  Once you do you are entered win $100.00 cash card!  Mint!

So you see, it will be like donating to the show but instead it costs you nothing AND you get one of the best apps out there AND you might get something back in return.  Win Win Win!


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