Hugo – Quick Reaction

This is the first live action movie in 3D that I am saying, ‘See the 3D version!’  That should let you know where this headed.

Hugo takes place in 1930s Paris (though everyone speaks English).  Asa Butterfield stars as Hugo, an orphan boy living in huge train station illegally, working at winding all the station clocks.

Hugo spends his days stealing food, winding clocks, avoiding the local inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen), and working on his late father’s last project, which is fixing a turn of the century robot.

The plot kicks in when a toy maker working at the station (Ben Kingsley) seems to have a connection to Hugo’s robot.   Hugo then teams with Kingsley’s Goddaughter Isabelle (Chloe Moretz) to find the connection.

Hugo is Martin Scorsese’s first family movie and his first 3D movie as well.  There is a big of a slow going in the second act but the rest of movie is pure magic.  If you are someone who loves movies you need to see this on the big screen.  And yes in 3D as well.

Grade: A-


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