PodCast Awards? Sure, why not?

It seems that time of the year is upon us! The time when I mention the PodCast Awards! This is just before the time when I realize I’ve not been nominated. Again.

However I will still pester you about nominating me. And now is that time!

Important info: You are allowed to vote for ‘The Radio Dan Show’ in only TWO categories: Peoples Choice and Movies / Film. Please ONLY nominate us for those two (cause it’s the rules! Plus we can focus our efforts if we all know what we are voting for). You can vote one time only!  So make it count.  Also be sure to use http://talkradiox.com as the website. 

Click the link below and make my dreams come true.  At least my PG rated dreams, that is.



One thought on “PodCast Awards? Sure, why not?

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  1. I personally voted for this show as I believe in the live feed and pure entertainment it provides. I am lucky to have stumbled upon this show searching for new pod casts. After viewing this show I became a listener immediately and found many other great shows on the Talk Radio X network. Radio Dan is always entertaining us with his profound knowledge of movies, artists, and backgrounds of the stars. He has a great intern who is also widely vast knowledge of what movie entertainment is all about. Tune in, listen, and enjoy.

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